5 Fall Photoshoot Ideas for Models

In this article we share ‘5 Fall Photoshoot ideas for models’. Fall is my FAVORITE time of the year. Pumpkin everything, hoodies, and a cool breeze. After this hot summer, a nice fall breeze is welcome. Not to mention all of my favorite family memories are from thanksgiving and fall.

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For models, Autumn is a perfect time of the year to take gorgeous pictures outside. Especially if you live in the Mountain State like us. Colorful leaves on the trees and on the ground will serve as a stunning background. You get to try a range of outfit ideas, from simple dress during the warm part of the season to layers in the evening.

I’ve prepared this list of 5 fall photoshoot ideas for models to help bring some inspiration to your Autumn season.

1. Playing in the Leaves

Okay, this one is obvious. I know. But c’mon, why wouldn’t you? Find your inner child and play in the leaves, make creative portraits with fun shapes and colors, and make everyone else jealous of the fun you’re having. These photos are a great way to show how creative you can be working with your environment, work on great facial expressions, style with great outfits, and of course have fun. Would you say no to jumping in a pile of leaves? Didn’t think so

2. Fun at the Farm

Organize an autumn photo shoot at the farm. Whether it’s partnering with a local venue or a family pet, farm shoots are a great way to break up the feed from the same ole’ same ole’ portraitures. Also, the whole cowgirl/cowboy dress vibes with Autumn so well! When else do you get a chance to rock denim?

3. On a Wooden Fence

Taking photos outside during Fall only makes sense. Finding an ole’ rustic fence to pose with is a great way to utilize the fall background while having a fun prop to pose with. It gives you a challenging line and space to work with. Done right, you can make some really fun and exciting images.

4. With Pumpkins

What says Autumn like pumpkins? Whether in pie form, spice from, or carved with a spooky face, I am all about pumpkins. Finding a way to shoot creative shots with pumpkin can get you into that fall mood. How will you do it? In a pumpkin patch, using it as a hat, or in a themed Halloween shoot? Let us know below.

5. At a local coffee shop

Shoot and coffee? Yes, please! This is a fun idea if you’re looking to add some creative headshots to your portfolio. Plus you can tag the coffee shop in your post, gain your potential followers, brand partners, and fans! Always ask permission to use someone else’s shop tho. Especially if you’re doing any sort of controversial shoot.

Try these ideas out and let us know how it goes. Tag us @SDSModelingCo for a shoutout!

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