Modeling Tips to Be More Photogenic – Wearing Flattering Outfits

In this post, we will be continuing on our ‘Modeling Tips to Be More Photogenic’ series. Today’s post is about wearing flattering outfits. Check out our last post: Modeling Tips to Be More Photogenic – Practice Makes Perfect

The last post discussed the power in practice. The ability to know and overcome your weaknesses is a key differentiator for models. Once you are able to identify your own weaknesses, you can improve on them by practicing.

This modeling tip to be more photogenic can give you another element to practice in finding outfits that suit you


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Your outfit can make all the difference in a photo. Wearing clothes that flatter your body will likely flatter your body. The extra flattery will also help you feel more confident. If you don’t wear clothes that flatter your body, you may feel uncomfortable, uneasy, and less confident which will reflect in photos.

Choose styles and cuts that work for your body and colors that work for your complexion. The most important thing is to feel confident in whatever you’re wearing, it’s sure to shine through!

For tips on finding outfits for your body-type check out this post by StichFix

Here are some other reasons that finding the right style for you is important:

  1. It increases your confidence
  2. Improves your ability to plan for shoots by knowing what to prep in advance
  3. Allows you to shop easier, by recognizing brands that produce the best styles for you
  4. You will also know how to make yourself more flattering for various photoshoots.
  5. Being confident in what you’re wearing also allows you to get your mind off the outfit and focus on other areas of the shoot such as posing and facial expressions

What kind of outfits do you like best and wear to be more flattering? Let us know in the comments, tag your favorite brands.

Stay tuned for the next modeling tip for being more photogenic – perfect match makeup.

Let us know what helps you to be more photogenic or what kind of tips you’d like to receive from SDS.


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