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It’s been a weird year. With many projects put on hold, businesses find a new way to operate, and creatives re-engineering the way they work. With everything creatives face everyday, it’s always exciting all the new ways we find to work together.

Although things have looked different the last couple years, SDS is still passionate about bringing exciting content, fun projects, and new ideas to our region. While we navigate this new normal, SDS is working on bringing new projects that involve SDS Models and the community.

One of our newest projects consists in bringing SDS Models and local car enthusiasts together on a very special project called Mods and Models. It will feature SDS Models and rides from local car enthusiast from around WV, OH, and KY.

Here is a preview from one of our newest SDS Models Whitney (@_whitterss).

Want to learn more about Mods and Models or want your ride featured in an upcoming publication or calendar? Send us a DM today.

See more from Mods and Models on FB and Instagram @modsandmodels

Tag a local car enthusiast who may want to follow this project.

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