Nude Modeling Photos – Are Nudes Required To Model?

Nude Modeling Photos – Are Nudes Required To Model?

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There’s a lot of things to consider when starting to model. Genre, portfolios, who to sign with, who to work with, and so much more. One thing that should never be questioned is nudity.

Let me make this abundantly clear – At no point should anyone require or force you to do any modeling that makes you uncomfortable, nudity or not.

When it comes to modeling, there are A LOT of genres and types of modeling.  For example, check out a list of all the kinds of modeling HERE. Sometimes implied, nude, and artistic nudes fall into those categories. However, that doesn’t mean an agency should make you submit or shoot nudes. The truth is respectable and legit Modeling Agencies do not request or ask for anything less than swimsuit or lingerie examples.

*Quick disclaimer – Occasionally, you may want to be involved in a project that does involve nude or implied nude work. That’s okay! You may be asked for examples of those styles for that specific shoot. However, that’s only after you’ve expressed interest, and talked it through with the agency. It’s never required upfront.

Your photography, art, fashion, and modeling is completely up to you, your style goals, and ambitions. Your portfolio submissions should always reflect that.

Model Scouts said it best in their blog about the same topic: “Most modeling agencies and scouts are ethical and professional, but there are some people who pose as experts and take advantage of the good standing other modeling agencies have developed. These predators count on inexperienced models falling for their tricks. Some impostors will ask aspiring models to pose nude on webcam to see if they “have what it takes,” or ask models to include nude photos in their portfolio for consideration by scouts.”

So, what’s the lesson? Be wary of any Agency, or Photographer for that matter, who requests nudes upfront. It should never be a requirement or request. (Unless it involves a specific project you have already agreed to or expressed interest in.) SDS has seen it first hand where Models have taken on submitted nudes, taken on projects they didn’t want, all for the photographer/brand to take advantage or get them nude.

SO… You may be asking yourself:

1. What if I have only done nude photoshoots and I am ready to move on to something different? What do I submit?

Great question! This may be a great time to expand into other genres, practice your skillsets, and gain new images for your portfolio. See our post on Profesional Portfolios to learn what to do if you are starting out. Do you need help with building a portfolio? SDS would love to help us to learn how we can help.

2. How do I prevent being taken advantage of?

A couple of things you can do – the first is research the company, read reviews, and check with friends, family, and others in the industry/community. If they do negative things, you’ll be able to pinpoint it. Don’t send a portfolio/works with nudity when requested. Not without a clear understanding of the guidelines, projects, and after developing a professional relationship. OR you can sign with an Agency and have the agency negotiate on your behalf. Most agencies will set up the project, time place, negotiate payment, and verify the assignment and business is legit for you. YOu can sign up with SDS to get the benefits of having a manager. If we aren’t your style then check out this list of other established agencies here. 

You can Reach out us anytime for help, advice, critiques, or questions for the podcast.

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