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SDS Modeling CO Publications

Below you will find highlights of the most recent publications from SDS and our favorite works.

Breaking Borders

Edition #1

SDS wants to “break the borders” of the negative stereotypes and tropes of Greater Appalachia. This State has a proud history of immigration, diversity, arts, culture, and the great outdoors. I hope we can artistically evoke the emotions and experiences of these WV Models. Everyone involved in this project dedicated their time and work in portraying WV, and It’s people beautifully.

SDS Focus - Fashion, Beauty, Nature, and How They collide

Edition #1 Kaylee Edition

SDS “Focus” is a publication series that focuses on single sets from selected works of SDS Models. We are often requested to feature more work from specific artists and models. To accomplish this, We are breaking out various SDS Model’s photo sessions from past publications and other unique series to publish them as stand-alone works. The main goal is to put a special spotlight on their creativity, passion, skills, and unique style.

This Focus session features Kaylee’s session from “Breaking Borders,” an SDS publication celebrating West Virginia Models, human beauty, and West Virginia places. With this publication, I wanted viewers to experience appreciation for art, modeling, and human beauty.

In this Focus set, you will follow Kaylee as she leads us through woods and creeks to shine a light on fashion, beauty, Nature, and how they all collide.

Though she be but little

‘Thought She Be But Little is the first publication that kicked off the SDS pursuit of providing regular and impactful content


This publication features Savannah. Although she is no longer with SDS, she holds a pivotal role in the direction of SDS today. This publication highlights one of the first sets of SDS work and one of SDS’s first models.

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