Lights Camera Action S2 Ep2 – Red flags for models

“Lights Camera Action” is back with another episode all about red flags for models. In this new episode Miranda and Chris will go over a few red flags for models, tips on picking an agency, what to watch out for on set, and overall how to stay safe.

Red Flags For Models:

  1. Pay to play is usually too good to be true
  2. What to watch out for on photoshoots
  3. Power of partnership
  4. General expectations for on set.

One important take away from this episode is that Pay-to-play is usually too good to be true. Agencies that require up-front payment usually aren’t a best option for models, especially those starting out. They usually request money up-front for services a good agency offers for free. 

When it comes to picking an online agency, you’ll want to pick  a local, trusted partner and someone dedicated to getting integrated with other models in the community. 

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Check out episode 1 of season 2 with Miranda’s Introduction HERE

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