Tips for Models – Use good Judgement

Today’s post is another one of many tips for models from Miranda. During our last episode Lights Camera Action Season 2 episode 2: Red Flags for Models Pt 1, Miranda and Chris discussed a few “red flags” when seeking out agencies and to watch out for when working with others. At the end of the episode, Miranda gave some great advice SDS felt needed to be highlighted

"I think really like what we're getting into a lot with this with red flags is like just know good sense, your own gut feeling and judgment, and if you are a model I really recommend getting a good agent that really cares about you."

Miranda’s tips for models is solid and sound. Use good sense, your own gut feeling and judgement, and get a good agent. Especially an agent that cares about you. 
Miranda goes on to describe that many red flags can be mediated or even fielded by having a professional partnership with an agent who’s on your side. Agents bring a lot of benefit outside just helping you book work, but also helping keep you safe and  establishing connections for you. 

Getting a good agent

Modeling agents a lot of the time do have connections that are harder to build than you can as an individual. Working with a modeling agency really allows you to actually focus on the modeling while agents focus on stuff like booking work and fielding situations. 
Miranda goes on to tell us about how having an agent on your team, backing you up, is important. Especially if something feels wrong, off, if someone is asking you for a lot of money, asking for any type of personal information, or irrelevant images. 
Agents can be a power resource in navigating awkward situations and red-flag scenarios. You can always call on your agent to advocate on your behalf, resolve issues or take control of situations when needed. 

Using Good Sense

Outside of using an agent, Miranda tells us we can navigate stressful, off, or difficult situations by using good sense and gut judgement. 

Obviously you don’t want to put your credit card information on a lot of sites. Especially pay to play sites (See our previous post here for more info). But less obviously, if a photographer is asking for a photo that seems a little weird, you don’t have to do/send them. Or trusting your gut to know what feels wrong and learning how to speak up for yourself. 


The butter on top, though is combining your judgement/gut feelings and using your agent to help advocate for you and keep things professional. Having an agent really brings power to partnership in scenarios where you’re facing red flags. Working with your agent can also help you have the courage to speak up and advocate for yourself. 

In the end, it’s important to remember that using good sense and the trust of an agent is a great way to navigate red flags, prevent red flags, and ultimately give you the safety and power you deserve as a model. 

If you are checking out more Tips For Models check out our vlog on YouTube or our podcast.


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