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Introducing SDS's New Digital Subscription

SDS Modeling Co’s Digital Subscription Package

Elevate your SDS experience with SDS’s exclusive digital subscription. For just $1 per month (billed annually), immerse yourself in an unparalleled collection of digital magazines, insightful newsletters, and exclusive photo shoots that cater to your unique tastes and interests.

Your Subscription Includes:

  • Unlimited Access: Explore our extensive digital library, featuring a diverse range of digital magazines and digital newsletters. From the cutting-edge coverage in “Breaking Borders” to the glamorous showcases in “SDS Swimsuit,” there’s always something new to discover.
  • Exclusive Content: Be the first to experience our new exclusive shoots, gain access to previous photo sessions, and see BTS. 
  • SDS Seasonal Collections: Stay ahead of the trends with SDS’s seasonal collections, where each edition is a celebration of creativity and innovation.
  • Support & Engage: Your subscription not only gives you access to premium content but also supports and directly contributes to the careers of your favorite models and creators.

Join the SDS Community:

By subscribing, you’re not just gaining access to exclusive content; you’re joining a community of enthusiasts who appreciate the art of digital storytelling and photography. Support your favorite models and become part of a movement that values creativity and innovation.

Subscribe today and unlock the door to a world of exclusive content that awaits you. Embrace the SDS Digital Subscription and transform your digital magazine experience.

Level Price  
SDS Digital $12.00 per Year. Customers in WV will be charged 6% tax. Select