Breaking the borders for Models and Business


SDS Modeling Company, LLC (SDS) is a WV Modeling Agency and Publication Production Company that is passionate about offering professional opportunities for both Models and Businesses. 

SDS is involved in tons of projects from professional portfolio building, talent searches, publications, and influencer marketing.



We are dedicated to providing businesses, brands, artist, and designers the best and most professional options for your Talent needs. We can provide Talent for branding, ad campaigns, social media marketing, product marketing, apparel, beauty supplies, commercials, fine art, photography projects, and publications. 

SDS works hand in hand with Sayre Design Studio to also help provide our clients with premiere marketing options. If you are coming to us for Modeling, why not let us help with your execution and marketing?

Find the talent you need

We understand how important it is to have the right Model for the right gig. When you need the right Model with the right look, style, or experience, you can rest assured that SDS will help you find the perfect match.

Gain a partner

You're not working with someone who just supplies models, but a partner in promoting your business, your brand, and your message. Brand matters, and we want to see your brand succeed.

Beyond just Talent

It's not just models. SDS can help you with all of your commercial art, design, web design, photography, marketing and advertising needs from start to finish. If you're coming to us for models, let us help you with the rest. Read below for a more in depth break down.

Action Planning. Start to Finish

From booking to shooting, then editing, and finally distribution, SDS is the place to come for full delivery of your photography, design, marketing, advertising, and Talent booking needs. 

Talent Search and Booking

We put great Talent and great brands together. SDS helps you save time, save money, and speed up the talent booking process.

  1. Speed up the process: SDS has an already established network of models to help speed up the Talent search process.
  2. Save on costs: Don’t waste money on random talent search sites, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads promoting a Model Call
  3.  Professionalism: Don’t get stuck with unprofessional models. SDS screens and has contracts for every model we work with.
  4. Someone doesn’t work out? No worries! SDS will handle breaking the news and finding a new model to fill the role! Remove the responsibility off of your brand.

DESIGN, EDITING, and more!

Don’t just stop with booking the model! If you’re a brand or business that has a massive project, SDS can help you save on time and cut costs by also providing:

  1. Make Up Artists (MUA)
  2. Photographers/Artists
  3. On-hand help (Assistants)
  4. Editors and designers

It is difficult to find talent across the board. Add in the time it takes to create, develop, edit and produce content….You’ll be buried quick. SDS can help you with :

  1. Creating
  2. Editing
  3. Distributing

Marketing and Advertising

So you’ve got this awesome product, service, or art that you’ve created. How do you promote it? SDS can help with that too. We can help by providing your brand access to:

  1. Influencers
  2. Brand Ambassadors
  3. Publications (Print on demand)

Outside of the marketing our models can do, SDS works hand in hand with Sayre Design Studio for a full-forced marketing experience. We can help you with content development, web development, social media marketing, brand awareness, and so much more. Read more at

Need a Model? Let us know the details.


Unlike other companies, SDS doesn’t promise false opportunities and massive fame. However, we do promise a professional environment to build your professional portfolio and work on awesome projects such as publications, calendars, and posters. Outside of internal projects, SDS also will try to introduce you to a network of other like-minded businesses to  further your modeling career and aspirations. Want to get started? Fill out the form below1

No experience Required!

We aren't here to be picky or to degrade anyone's aspirations. SDS is here to help YOU. If you feel you lack the portfolio or the skills necessary to be a model, you still reach out! You may not get exciting projects at first, but we can help you build your portfolio and get some experience under your belt.

Okay! How do I reach out?

It's simple. Fill out the contact form below. If you don't have any "Professional" photos - don't sweat it. Just send us something that makes you feel happy or confident in yourself. If you have no photos at all, that's okay too. We are still interested in hearing from you!

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