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Savannah’s Sub Rosa Photoshoot

I am excited to finally share this beautiful shoot with everyone. This issue comes from deep in the SDS vaults from a previous shoot with former SDS Model, Savannah. While Savannah is no longer an active SDS Model this is still a legendary shoot that deserves its own spotlight.

Savannah wanted to do a shoot that was influenced by mythology and the symbolisms of Thor and Athena.
This shoot represents the courage and bravery of Athena and the strength and protection of Thor. Athena is Zeus’s
daughter and the Goddess of battle. Thor is the Norse God of Thunder and Agriculture. Both represent strength,
prosperity, bravery, fertility, and protection of human kind. The snake featured is consequently named “Athena”.
Snakes often represent fertility, immortality, and healing. All of these elements come together to create a deeper and
more visceral reaction that evokes these symbolisms.

This series of raw images highlights the very best elements of content, modeling, editing and photography. It was a blast to create. I hope you find the same joy viewing
them as we had making them.

– Christopher Sayre, Editor and Photographer

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